For now, however, he would do with what he had.

Ten seconds.

The hand holding hers to his face fell slowly, deliberately.

Seven seconds.

A soft, melancholic sigh echoed in the room.

Four seconds.

A feather-light kiss placed gently on her unmarked forehead and a pleading whisper.

Zero seconds.

No more time.

"Sweet dreams, love."

Dear Stranger, Make Me Remember by Fher34

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I’m a naruhina fan too xD it physically hurt me to write that! Cx

(via fher43) I’m surprised you don’t ship gaarhina, you know, because it’s the whole bad boy-good girl thing (which I love!


I hate that some people romanticize mental illness like its some quirk for your about me page or its “cool” or “trendy” , I’ve especially seen it in grunge blogs. Like hallucinating and hearing voices for example: That shit is NOT cool. Psychosis is completely fucked up, its messed me up and it scares the shit out of me. Its not something you should want or even joke about. It makes you feel like you’re literally living in a nightmare.